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Acceptable Use Policy

This acceptable use policy applies to all AJRB and TechPredicts™ web and hosting services.

Who are we?

We are AJRB Services. We offer IT Support and Hosting Services in the United Kingdom. Our target market is residential customers requiring technical services in Oxford, and nationwide businesses requiring web and hosting support.

How do we process your data?

Your data is held on our secure servers. We keep an archived copy of your billing information for 3 months after you terminate your contract with us. Following this period, basic details such as name and address are kept on record for a further 12 months. After this, they are purged from our database. You are entitled to request that we purge your data at any time.

While you are a customer with us, we hold information about you, your business and requirements on our servers. Basic information may be held on 3rd party servers. However, your details are not shared with 3rd party vendors. All information stored is encrypted and only accessible by AJRB Services employees/volunteers.

Those who access your data are securely monitored, including yourself. Each and every login to our servers are audited and data is collected to ensure that we can eliminate any data breaches.

We have very strict password policies, access policies and 2-factor authentication policies for all of our employees.

Who can access my data?

Only you and our team members can access your data. Your data is restricted based on the team member viewing it. For example, technical staff cannot view billing data, and sales staff cannot view technical tickets.

If you use our Secure Wipe Service

Our securely wipe service is performed in-house. Once complete, you will be given a certificate of completion for your record. This is available on your billing portal and will be e-mailed to you.

If you request that we dispose of your hard drive, then it will be given to our vendors for secure disposal.

If you have any other questions regarding this policy, or require it in another format, then please contact us by e-mailing

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