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Tickets not being registered (Resolved) Medium

Affecting System - Ticket Portal

  • 04/01/2021 18:40 - 04/01/2021 18:43
  • Last Updated 04/01/2021 18:42

We are aware of an issue where your tickets may not have been registered for the past few days.

Please note that this has now been rectified, and all existing tickets have been imported from a backlog queue, and are being triaged for response.

SMS Communications have been sent out to our clients to make them aware.

Scheduled Outage to CLOUD839 (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Server - cloud839

  • 25/08/2020 12:05 - 25/08/2020 15:00
  • Last Updated 03/09/2020 20:29

Dear Clients,


We are moving our infrastructure to another datacentre. During this time, we expect our services to be unavailable.

We expect this to be resolved by 15PM UK Time, 25/08/2020.

You should notice that your services following are much faster and responsive. However, mail routing will be slightly different.


If you experience any issues following, then please raise a ticket.


Kind Regards,

AJRB Support Team

Weather affected Services (Resolved) Medium

Affecting Server - cloud839

  • 09/02/2020 14:53 - 14/02/2020 19:55
  • Last Updated 09/02/2020 14:55

Dear Customers,


The weather in the United Kingdom has become harsh, windy and destructive. 

As a result, you may notice some defects to services. The high load on the server as a result of remote working, and potential damage to external copper lines may cause latency issues when working on your websites.

Please bear with us while we optimise the performance.


Kind Regards,

AJRB Services Ltd.

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